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Journey with Joy Podcast

Joy S. Cook

Welcome to the Journey with Joy Podcast! I'm Joy, and I'm so excited you're joining us for the J.A.M. - Journey to Activate More! If you've found us, you might fall into one of the following identities - ambitious, forward-thinking, growth-minded, business professional, entrepreneur, thought leader or creative. We are cultivating an environment to Activate More Life, Business, and Money for all of us to Grow & Thrive. The focus of this podcast is to JAM with great energy, inspire action, leverage practical strategies that can be easily implemented, have fun, engage in thought-provoking conversations, questions, demystify myths that hold us back from our greatest potential and create support, and community. I believe everybody is on this journey called life not to reach any particular destination but to create, enjoy the experience, learn, grow, & become!! Join the Journey with Joy & JAM!